The Autopride range was created to service the automotive market with a range of lubricant oils and car care aerosols. Since its launch, the Autopride range has captured the market due to its quality products and competetive pricing.

Our stringent testing and quality processes ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our B-BBEE level 1 status provides customers with the benefits of purchasing from a BEE empowered company 


The Engineering Department provides a technical and specialist service to all departments within AUTO PRIDE The Maintenance section is responsible for ensuring that Plant Equipment, Buildings and Services are kept in a good working order and that the requirements of the OHS Act are met. The Project section is responsible for Plant changes, equipment upgrades and new equipment acquisition and installations.


Automotive Engine Oils
Transmission Fluid (A.T.F)
Automotive Gear Oil
Semi-Synthetic Engine Oils
Motor Cycle Lubricants
Fully Synthetic Engine Oils


Dashboard Spray
K90 Quick Release Penetrating Oil
Carburettor Cleaner
Quick Start
Brake & Clutch Cleaner

Why Choose Us

We have consciously and continuously delivered technological innovation while paying special attention to product quality and personal and environmental safety. Looking to the future, we will create new value beyond the boundaries of chemistry by combining a variety of ideas, views and technologies. We will also continue to take up the challenges addressing the globe, from meeting basic needs, addressing the issues of adequate supplies of chemicals and resources and protecting our beautiful environment. We have expertise and experience in developing lubricants for a wide variety of applications.


Our Plant

Our Plant boasts world leading technology which results in low cost and low maintenance to ensure clients needs are fulfilled, not forgetting it to be the largest independent blending plant throughout the landscapes of Africa thus giving it the ability to produce an output of 3 million liters a month.

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