About us

Auto Pride is a brand that has been established specifically to specialize in the manufacturing of automotive lubricants and AEROSOLs.  Our parent company has been servicing the independent chemical market since 2008

Our Services

We have a full range of support services to help customers get the most from their products. Our technical team are available to help you choose the right lubricant for your application that may arise. Technical support services offered to our customers include Product Recommendations, in-depth Lube Surveys and Condition monitoring through an independent laboratory.

Our Code

We have consciously and continuously delivered technological innovation while paying special attention to product quality and personal and environmental safety. Looking to the future, we will create new value beyond the boundaries of chemistry by combining a variety of ideas, views and technologies. We will also continue to take up the challenges addressing the globe, from meeting basic needs, addressing the issues of adequate supplies of chemicals and resources and protecting our beautiful environment. We have expertise and experience in developing lubricants for a wide variety of applications

Our Vision & Mission

We will be the leader in providing alternative viable chemical solutions. We at Auto Pride consistently focus on projects that can save our organisation millions and enhance productivity and safety immeasurably, as well as notably grow our shareholders bottom line in order to support our vision of being the greatest Lubricants Brand in Southern Africa. We will produce quality, innovative chemical sources to meet our customers’ specific needs. We are committed to producing an environmentally friendly product range whilst offering full trace ability. Additional services we can offer to the supply chain are designed to enhance the value of our products at all times

Company Values

It’s simple – we value Honesty, Respect and Accountability. Our employees are encouraged to be team players and to do what is best for our company in order to ensure a sustainable business